PowerPro Scripts for Total Commander

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Copy Date & Time



To/From List

File Age
Single-Click Search

Saved Search

Filename from Clipboard

Text from Clipboard

File by Size

Find Excluding...
Folder Tabs

Save Tabs

Close All Tabs

Tab Tools

Highlight Current Tab

Explorer Opens New Tab

Tab File Tools
Button Bars

Button ← → Shortcut

Button → em_ Command

Button Bar Tools

Delete Buttons

File List → Button Bar

Clipboard → Button

Button → Clipboard

Stack any Bar Vertical

Briefly Show/Hide Vertical Bar

Links to Images with Thumbnails

File List

File List with Dialog

Relative Link to File

Go to Path/File from Clipboard

Put any Path/File to Clipboard

Clipboard → Button
Tree Movement (description)

Down (+Xxcopy)

Up (+Xxcopy)

Down (+cmd)

Up (+cmd)

Down without parameters (+Xxcopy)

Up without parameters (+Xxcopy)

Down with internal commands

Up with internal commands
Change Directory Structure

Join SubDirectories

Decrease Nesting Level
File Group, One Panel Tab Operations

Copy to Many Targets

Delete Files in all Tabs

Search in all Tabs
File Comments (descript.ion)

Edit Comments of File Group

Copy/Move Comment

Clean/Update Comments

Sort Comments

With Step

With Filter

Next Extension

With Consecutive Numbers
Color Filters

Detect Color Filter

Directory Color

Subdirectory List

File List

Copy/Move on List
Configuration (wincmd.ini)

Configuration Manager

User Menu Analyzer

News (28.06.2022)

  • Text that needs editing by user (usually path to some file) is marked with blue;
  • Comments are marked with green;
  • Some scripts call other ones. Therefore it is not recommended to change script file names;
  • Scripts were developed and tested in the following configuration:
    • Windows 2000 SP3 English, Windows XP SP2 English, Windows 7x64 English
    • Total Commander 7.0-9.0
    • PowerPro 4.5-5.3.
  • PowerPro configuration ("Setup\Advanced\Characters") is given on the screenshot.

Send mail

Other scripts

Local Menu
Duplicate File
Quick Change WDX Plugin
Clear Sister Directories
Load WDX
Lister Extension
Check File Counter
Total Size of Files/Directories
Current Path in Next Instance
Run Any Command
Safe USB Unplugging
Context Menus for Total Commander by Robin Siebler
Rename using Ancestry
Show/Hide Interface Elements
Same Directory on Another Drive
Open Random File
Environment Variables
Create URL
Favorite Documents Menu
Directories → Files
Swap Names

Obsolete scripts

Open Tabs
Load Bar
Browse SubFolder
View Tab File
Button → Clipboard
Batch "Make Directory"
Merge Bars
Move Tab to Other Panel
Certain Number of Files
File Index

Auxiliary scripts













The user accepts responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use (or misuse) of scripts and plugins provided.