Title SelectNfiles
File Name SelectNfiles.txt
Description Select any number of consecutive files
Author Vochomurka
Parameters number of files to select, or nothing
Plugins Called win, tc, childwin
Version 1.0
Updated on 07.09.2006
args Number
if(not Number)
	Number = inputcancel("Enter number of files to select")

local hwnd = win.handle("c=TTOTAL_CMD")
local Panel = ifelse( == "left", 8, 7)
local TMLB = childwin.handle(hwnd, "TMyListBox", Panel)
local Current = win.sendmessage(TMLB, 0x0188, 0, 0)
win.sendmessage(TMLB, 0x0183, Current, Current + Number - 1)


One day I had to select exactly 100 (say) files. To do that with the script, I can run it either with the "100" parameter, or without any parameter, and specify this number in dialog box.

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