Tree movement description

What is meant by "move up/down the directory tree"? To understand it open the treeinfo.wc file built by Total Commander. You'll see all the directories of some logical disk in the directory structure order.

Where treeinfo.wc can be found? By default - in the root of each logical disks. It's easy to do the following:

If the search fails, it could be due to two reasons. First, you've never give commands of the cm_SrcTree family, and the cm_CDtree (Alt+F10) command. Second, your wincmd.ini has TreeFileLocation and TreeFileLocationE keys with non-empty values.

If so, you can force Total Commander to build the treeinfo.wc file, for example, by pressing Alt+F10.

This or that way, but suppose that treeinfo.wc is available. Then you can realise what the "directory structure order" is - it's just alphabetical order of full paths of all directories of a disk.

"Tree view", "CD Tree", and, finally, "separate tree" are visulalising this directory structure order. So, if you move down the directory tree, you pass to the next (lower neighbour) directory relative to the current one, when moving up you go to the previous (upper neighbour) directory. These are actions that my scripts perform. What are advantages of script over the Tree View?

If you reach the first (root) directory on the current disk and run the script again, you can go to the previous disk after confirmation. Thus, you can visit all directories of your computer. The same is valid when moving down with another script. After passing to the last direcctory on a disk (represented by the last line of the treeinfo.wc file) you'll get the invitation to visit the next disk.

In this section three pairwise (up/down) scripts are presented. Why they differ? When use this or that?

Attention: Scripts TreeDownXMouse, TreeUpXMouse, TreeDownX and TreeUpX work only with Xxcopy version 3.0 and later! If your version is older, either update Xxcopy or use these scripts:


So, here you are:

Down (+cmd) – TreeDownCmd
Up (+cmd) – TreeUpCmd

Down (+Xxcopy) – TreeDownX
Up (+Xxcopy) – TreeUpX

Down without parameters (+Xxcopy) – TreeDownXMouse
Up without parameters (+Xxcopy) – TreeUpXMouse

Down with internal commands – TreeDownTC
Up with internal commands – TreeUpTC

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