Title OpenRandom
File Name OpenRandom.txt
Description Open a Íandom file
Author Vochomurka
Parameters Path, Flag, Extension, Application
(see comments)
Plugins Called file
Icon depends on parameters
Version 2.0
Updated on 15.02.2012
args Path, Par, Ext, App
local Subs, Obj, List

if(Par < 2) do
	Obj = R(Path, Par, Ext)
	Obj = R(Path, 4, Ext)
	List = file.listfiles(Obj, 0)
	Obj = line(List, 1)

if(not App) do
	file.doverb(Obj, "open")
	do(App, Obj)


Function R(Path, Subs, Ext)
local OX, Ran, Obj, Xt, Drap
local List = file.listfiles(Path, Subs)
local Folders = line(List, 0)

if(slice(Ext, 1) == "!") do
	Xt = remove(Ext, 1)
	Drap = 0
elseif(slice(Ext, 1) == "*") do
	Drap = 1
	Xt = Ext
	Drap = 2

Ran = random(Folders) + 1
Obj = line(List, Ran)
OX = file.type(Obj)

if(not Drap) do
	if(Xt == OX)
		jump Retry

elseif(Drap == 1) do

	if(Xt != OX)
		jump Retry




The script first chooses some random documents in the folder specified, and then opens it in the associated application. Please note: the Windows association (cm_Associate) rather than the internal association (cm_InternalAssociate), is used.

First script parameter can be "%P", "%T", or any implicit real path. Second parameter sets which file will be opened: 0 to open a random file in the first parameter path (root only), 1 - the same, but including subdirectories. If the second parameter is 2, then the first file in a random subdirectory of the directory specified, is opened.

Third parameter specifies an extension of file that must be opened, or must be never opened - in the latter case the exclamation mark ! is specified before the extension. Finally, if the extension starts with *, any file is opened. The %E parameter can also be used.

Fourth parameter, if specified, is a path to the application that opens a file. This setting overrrides the Windows default.
Script parameters
"%P", 0, "jpg" Random file with the jpg extension is opened from the current (source) directory
"%T", 1, "!ion" File with any extension differing from ion (especially suitable to exclude the descript.ion file) is randomly chosen from files in the target directory and its subdirectories
"c:\one\two", 2, "*whatever or even nothing" All subdirectories of the c:\one\two directory are analysed, one of them is randomly chosen, and its first file of any type is opened in the associated application
"%P", 0, "%E", "c:\SomeApp\Program.exe" Random file with the same extension than that of the current file, is opened from the current path in the c:\SomeApp\Program.exe application

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