Title HighlightCurrentTab
File Name HighlightCurrentTab.txt
Description Highlight current tab or undo highlighting
Author Vochomurka
Parameter "1" - highlight
"0" - undo highlighting
Plugins Called win
Version 2.0
Updated on 08.06.2009
local hwnd = win.handle("c=TTOTAL_CMD")
;Sub_TMTC - name of script TMTC 
local TMTC = runfile.Subs\Sub_TMTC(hwnd)
local CurTab = win.sendmessage(TMTC, 4875, 0, 0)
win.sendmessage(TMTC, 4915, CurTab, arg(1))


Attention! This script does not work in Total Commander 7.5 pb1 and pb2!

This script for Total Commander 7.0 and older.

The best way to understand what the script does is to look at the screenshots. Suppose there are three tabs with roots of c:, d: and e: drives:

After running the script with the "1" parameter the current (second) tab is highlighted:

To restore the usual tab appearance run the script with the "0" parameter. Highlighting is not restored after Total Commander restarts.

You can handle the highlighted tab as a usual one: lock/unlock, duplicate, copy, close, etc. You can highlight as many tabs as you wish:

Nothing is changed but the appearance.

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