Title QuickViewWLXPlugins
File Name QuickViewWLXPlugins.txt
Description Switch quick views
Author Vochomurka
Parameters -
Plugins Called win, childwin
Version 1.0
Updated on 28.10.2005
local hwnd = win.handle("c=TTOTAL_CMD")
local Hand = childwin.handle(hwnd, "TLister")
local Four = "4"

if(Hand == "")
	win.postmessage(hwnd, 0x400+51, 304, 0)

keys {slow}{tab}{w1}
keys {tab}


Lister plugins are used not only in Lister called with the F3 key, but also in quick view mode invoked by Ctrl+Q. If there are several Lister plugins for this file type, then the first plugin is used. To use the next plugin in Lister it's enough to press the "4" key. But in quick view mode it's more complicate:

This simple script allows to switch the Lister plugins with one hotkey (I use Ctrl+4). It is not recommended to assign the script to a button (try it and you'll understand why).

To use the script, first place the text cursor on the desired file and press your hotkey. It the quick view window is not open, it happens. If you want to view the file with the next Lister plugin, press the hotkey again, and so on.

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